HCR Compassion    evolved from a small enthusiastic group of people at Hawkesbury City Realty, willing to pitch in and make a difference in our world. We currently support 7 Compassion Children, assist in providing funds when necessary for children in Vietnam, victims of the fall out of Agent Orange causing heart disease in the younger generation which requires open heart surgery, Hosts Chantilly High Tea providing High Teas for the purpose of fund raising and supporting A21, educating our ladies with an awareness of the human sex slave trade, along with hosting High Teas for female school leavers and their mothers celebrating womanhood and educating through High Teas

There is a real need for awareness to be spread throughout the world, so that potential victims become mindful of common trafficking traps and techniques. Most young girls grow up with no awareness of human trafficking, or for the high demand for women in the international sex industry or babies for the paedophile rings. Conditions such as widespread poverty, travel, lack of employment opportunities and discrimination against women have caused women to regularly respond to common trafficking techniques ~ such as false international job advertisements, relocation assistance, or false romantic relationships. In response to that, A21 has developed a comprehensive prevention and awareness program which is being taken into high schools to ensure the next generation is aware and equipped to confront the risk of human trafficking

If you would like to join us in spreading the word, helping out at High Teas, donating, or coming up with worthwhile ideas for fund raising, please feel free to contact us  at Catherine@Chantillyhightea.com.au